Durable. Ultralight. Screwless.


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Built To Last

Made of ultra-thin Japanese memory stainless steel with no welding joints. Don't worry if you accidentally sit on the frames or even step on them — they won't break unless you really, REALLY try to.

Extreme Comfort

Our frames weigh only 0.7 oz/19 g, which is 2x to 3x lighter than regular eyewear. It's like wearing nothing at all — No more sliding, pinching, or pain.

No Screws, No Hassle.

The patent-pending screwless hinges upgrade traditional eyewear's barrel hinges and screws to ensure the hinges never get loose or missing screws and keep your glasses in place.

Modular Sizing For The Perfect Fit

1 in 4 people can't find the glasses that truly fit. Our modular sizing system offers various frame sizes, temple lengths, and nose pad thickness to perfectly fit your face and needs.