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LOVE the design.

很舒適, 現在不管到哪裡都戴著THE No.2的墨鏡

Love them

Great. Bit pricey.

These sunglasses are the SH**!!

I have high cheekbones and a low nose bridge, so it's extremely hard to find sunglasses that sit comfortably on my face. The No. 2 Eyewear Square Gold sunglasses have solved this problem COMPLETELY! I couldn't believe how lightweight, flexible, and perfectly these fit my face, plus the Gold color is perfect for my Asian skin tone. These are definitely worth it!

My second pair

Love the clean-cut design. The quality feels really good.

Lightweight and so comfortable.

I had many sunglasses and this one is truly the lightest, great style too! Oh and no screw design is super cool.

Fit nicely and seem indestructible; the latter is key to me, as a serial sunglasses breaker.

Amazing sunglasses!

Ultra lightweight, easy to carry, and most important of all, cool style!

Oval Sliver

Love the weight and form of this product. Super light, plus I have never tried oval glasses.

The No.2 Eyewear will blow your mind!!

The No.2 Eyewear product itself is extremely well made. I could feel the high quality of the product when I opened the package. The eyewear are extremely light and comfortable. It is really comfortable and easy to wear as daily basis. I don't feel any pressure on my face or eyes. That's all sunglasses qualities you need. After I received my No.2 Eyewear, No.2 Eyewear is my daily sunglasses I carry everyday. I really LOVE IT!! and I will definitely want to order other pairs with different colors and shapes.

It’s the best gift I ever received

I received this sunglasses as a gift from my good friend. I like the uni-sex style of the frame which makes the sunglasses very unique. What’s amazed me the most is it’s super durable and lightweight. I can’t remember how many sun glasses I accidentally bent, and broke in the past. I am very satisfied with the over all quality of it. :)))

Honestly, best sunglasses I've had

They are light-weight & they stay in place/don't slip through your nose when you are moving around! Really loving it and finding any excuse to use it.

Very Impressed

I just came upon this brand when I was searching for decent quality, affordable sunglasses, they are light yet durable, I store them under my jackets pocket and not fearing it might crush the frames. Love how the brand has different lengths to customize with, amazing !

The No. 2 sunglasses surprised me

I've been looking for a pair of comfortable glasses, there're lots of fashionable sunglasses in the market, but many of them are heavy and keeps sliding down my nose. However, The No. 2 sunglasses surprised me with how light and comfortable it is. I feel I'm wearing nothing on my face. Definitely recommend The No. 2 sunglasses! 


Super light weight! Fits my tiny asian nose perfectly! Love it so much!

#2.2 Oval Silver Sunglasses
Andrea Yang-Yanez
I really enjoy wearing there everyday!

They are perfect fit and look exactly as described! With super light weight, they always stay on my nose unless other sunglasses, and sometimes I even forget I still have them on! Nothing to complain about and highly recommend!

Clearly the shit when it comes to eyewear

TL;DR: Get them. They are worth it. Like in the words of Ron Swanson: "Son, you should know my recommendation is essentially a guarantee."

Full Review:
I am not a big sunglasses person. They tend to be heavy, or the screws just get loosened after a while. Plus I wear glasses so switching between them is a pain. But these NO.2 makes it worth it. They are light weight, durable (dropped on them and stepped on them after a couple too many whoops! bent one of the legs but I just bent it back like waaaah?!) and just over all comfortable! Like, even my glasses feel tight behind my ears. Really considering making this pair of sunglasses into actual glasses cause it would be so dope!


It is surprisingly light but incredibly durable. You could sense the quality at the moment you open the package! 😍
It is so comfortable and light I forgot about it within minutes. No longer need to worry about those red glasses marks on the nose anyone.
Also, it never sliding down during my 30min bike ride!!

Great Sunglasses

This is my first pair of glasses that fit me so perfectly. It won't keep slipping down like my other pairs, and this is something really hard for me to find here (I'm Asian for your reference).
It is also very light so it won't give me a headache after wearing it whole day. The material looks nice and is very steady.
13/10 would recommend!

Love this!

Great customer service! The glasses is lightweight with good quality, worth every penny!

Feel like wearing nothing.

So light so comfortable. My sunglasses finally don't slide down my nose.

Truly comfortable.

The lightest sunglasses I have ever wear. So comfortable. I love it!