About THE NO. 2

Solving everyday eyewear discomforts and inconveniences through human-centric design

THE NO. 2 EYEWEAR is an award-winning eyewear brand that challenges the status quo and pushes the boundaries by producing the most durable, ultralight, zero-screw eyewear that you ever experienced before. 

Minimalist design with maximum durability and comfort — The No. 2 Eyewear’s clean-cut design with minimum components embodies the idea — Less is more. We do eyewear differently by innovating how eyewear is designed, made, and constructed. Handcrafted using Japanese stainless steel through meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring the best quality eyewear — Comfortable & built to last.

No more discomfort. No more missing screws. No more broken frames. You don’t need to choose between style, comfort, or function. You can look and feel the best anywhere, anytime.  


Why the name — THE NO. 2?

It’s The Sh*t