Minimalist Design.
Maximum Impact.

Fit, comfort, and innovation are what THE NO. 2 stands for. With “less is more” and “human-centric” design philosophies, we innovate how eyewear is designed, engineered, and use the minimum components to create eyewear that is simple, functional, and built to last.

Committed To Fit

The flexibility of the materials prevents the frame from squeezing the head. The 4-axis adjustable nose pads & temple tips ensure perfect fitting for everyone.

Weightless Comfort

The eyewear you feel wearing nothing. Each frame weighs only 0.7 oz/19 g, which equals 9 gummy bears. Guarantee no pressure on the nose and ears.

No Screws. No Maintenance.

Our innovative zero-screw hinge design replaces traditional screw hinges to prevent the arms from getting loose or missing screws and maintains the tension like the first day.

Extremely Durable

With no welding joints and screws, the frame can withstand high pressure without breaking. Don’t worry if you sit on the frames or even step on them — they will survive.

Product Features